Driving Questions

What is the relationship between oil and the Islamic Revolution?

How will exploring the deep sea benefit society?

How far has women's rights come and how is unconscious bias hindering further progress?

How can we produce a fidget toy that helps students with ADHD?

Engineering Connections

How is energy converted and used to benefit our society in a variety of ways?

Using Technology

A Google Tour that incorporates 3D/Virtual Reality

Social Studies Connections

How did different Native American tribes use their resources to live off the land?

Connection to Literature: What are the long term physical and ethical impacts of cloning humans?

ELA Connections

  • Writing-Focused Products
    • websites, magazine articles, letter to the editor, formal academic essays or persuasive essay,
  • Lab Report
  • TedTalk style presentations
  • Book-Inspired Products
  • Weekly Reading Responses analyzing literature
  • Vocabulary development within Choice Projects and Book Projects

Website & Presentation: What can be done to minimize the effect of deforestation on the environment?

Connecting to Electives

How can meal planning improve our health and help eliminate food waste?

What is the relationship between physics and photography?

How can I effectively teach chemistry concepts to elementary students?

Connecting to the World Outside the Classroom

What could be done to maximize the awareness students have for the benefits of volunteering?