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Ready to register for the 2022-2023 school year?

Registration Process

January - Meet with RMS guidance counselors, attend family information nights, and gather any information needed to help you make your decision about joining the Riverside STEM Academy.

February - Sign-up online through the Riverside Middle School Course Registration process.

March - Rosters are generated. If the number of students registered exceeds the number of roster spots available, a lottery is used to fill the roster and to generate a waitlist.

April - Letters are mailed out alerting students of their status (accepted/waitlist).

*If enrolling from outside of the Watertown Unified School District, use the New Student Online Enrollment form.

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Personalized Learning: student owned, controlled and managed learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL): learning centered around developing a product that demonstrates understanding or skill

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


The Academy focuses on personalized learning which allows for flexible scheduling that integrates your child's individual needs and choices.

    • Students are entered into the STEM Academy setting in place of an ELA, science, and social studies class.

    • Students enroll in mathematics and elective options in the traditional Riverside Middle School environment.

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